The definitive online bartending course inspired by the contemporary craft cocktail movement.

We believe that every bartender has their own unique style. And it takes time and serious devotion to the craft to create perfection. (And taste testing of course…) We cover basic mixology skills in the first module and then we go deep into mastering the art of handcrafted cocktails and experimenting with techniques, flavors and textures. After you know how to make vintage cocktails like sazeracs and veux carres, you’ll be designing your own signature cocktails.

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  • ***** Gracie W. Absolutely amazing classes. So detailed. Definitely preps you for the bartending world in every way possible. Take this class, you won’t regret it!
  • ***** Cindy S. These classes ROCK. I learned so much, and upped my game both professionally and just at home with my friends and family,
  • ***** Jack V. I was able to get a pro job almost immediately after taking this incredibly informative and fun course. Taylor is great!!